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T&K: Precious metal from South America

T&K is an Argentinian rapper composed of various alloys. From Tikranz his freestyler blaze, UZL when he is behind the machines as a beat maker or Ill mati as he likes to be called. He is an artist with multiple properties, his rap is coming back to storm the...

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Pop, Rap, Rnb : Koast’s love triangle

From the Tunisian Sahel, Koast shines in the local musical scene. Rap & RnB. Glam, mixing languages and a powerful voice. She is the new generation of creatives in her homeland. But not only, her music is also exported beyond it. Ok, let's go. The Beginning.....

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When art and spirituality intertwine

Debut album of the Kazakh rapper maslo chernogo tmina (meaning ‘’black cumin oil’’ in the Russian language), kensshi invites the listeners to travel between cinema, surrealism, spirituality, and traditional Kazakh music....

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cover kensshi maslo chernogo tmina

The elusives from Ukraine

Ukrainian trio composed of Yuriy Bardash, Simptom Onzheon & Illia Kapustin, Grebz (Mushroom, in Russian language) imposes its art based on head roll thanks to a mastery of hip-house and trip-hop. After a first buzz on Internet with ‘’Intro’’ in 2016, Grebz...

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Partition – Awich | Music’s stuff that gathers

I found this record floating between the East China Sea and the American coastline. I threw it into my player and it whispered faraway stories to me. After spinning these sounds over and over in my ears, I can finally share it with you. It's called Partition and...

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Awich - cover Partition