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We humbly strive to highlight projects from regions of the world that are home to an incredible, yet under-exposed musical richness. We believe that this music expresses what the music industry neglects to recount.

AR : B9aw tgoulou 3lina world music ta radi nfl9ou dinmkom.


To tell this story, we imagined a dystopian universe: No Music’s Land is a territory defined by the rest of the world as a place devoid of music. Its inhabitants have lived in autarky for centuries and are determined to remain so. They fiercely oppose the values and policies of our modern societies. The only thing they envy is the music that is produced there. In this isolated and silent territory, decades ago, a runaway traveler with a vinyl and a turntable introduced music. This same turntable is still used to broadcast to the four corners of NML, via what is similar to radio waves. Curious, these reclusive people entrusted Nomulian 2922 with the mission of bringing them music from the outside world. We will tell his journey in pictures, through his candid, funny and critical eyes. 

Our collaborations will focus on projects from North Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Because these territories seem to be considered by the music industry as no music’s land.