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The elusives from Ukraine


Ukrainian trio composed of Yuriy Bardash, Simptom Onzheon & Illia Kapustin, Grebz (Mushroom, in Russian language) imposes its art based on head roll thanks to a mastery of hip-house and trip-hop. After a first buzz on Internet with ‘’Intro’’ in 2016, Grebz offers the same year its first mixtape : Домнаколесахч.1 (House on wheels, Part.1). Only available on SoundCloud, this mixtape varies between hip-house, filthy atmosphere and electro music, House on wheels, Part.1 allows the group to build a solid reputation in Eastern Europe as well as in Russia.

The Beginnings

Year 2016 is the begining of an halucinogenic odyssey called « Grebz » and leaded by Yuriy Bardash.

April, 28th, 2016, Grebz puts online the video clip « Intro » (« Интро »). In less than one month, the video clip accounts one million views and permits to Grebz to know a first success. A first success based on chance when we know that song was, at the beginning, for the ukrainian pop group Quest Pistols but judged too hard by them. Anyway, this first success was followed in september 2016 by a second video clip, « Cops » (« Копы »). Two viral successes which allowed to the group to build a solid fanbase.

Between buzz and discretion (the group refuses any interview with the media), Grebz released its debut mixtape, House on Wheels, Part.1, in november 2016.

Grebz : The Ukrainian hip-hop has something to say

Puts during a long time in the protest russian rap’s shadow, the Ukrainian hip-hop gradually emancipates itself by offering its own style, and Grebz is a symbol of this.

Real ukrainian rap sensation, Grebz allows a debut mixtape which contains nine tracks emblems of house music and hip-hop. The trio is a rare example of a winning alliance between the underground and the mainstream. If house music is dominant in this mixtape, House on wheels, Part.1 also goes back to the origins of hip-hop. « Pudding » (« Пудинг ») invites us in the 80s thanks to its sounds seeming to come out of Afrika Bambaataa’s Planet Rock.

The Success for Grebz is phenomenal. With House on wheels, Part.1, the group becomes in 2016 the most popular hip-hop group in Ukraine. Their tracks is a mix of different kinds of hip-hop, rap, house and electro music. An artistic choice which allows Grebz to offer a dynamic and original mixtape.

Animated by the absurd, their lyrics and their irresistibly and catchy hooks, the public/auditor cannot stand still when he is hearing the trio. An abstract sound art which represents the new generation of ukrainian hip-hop with others artists as the group MOZGI or Kurgan & Agregat.


House on wheels, Part.1 is a total success for Grebz. In 2017, their fourth video clip, « Thawing Ice » (« Тает лёд ») which is not on their debut mixtape, is at the top of YouTube trends and accounts today more than 235 million views. With 10 million views in few weeks, the track was performed by Grebz during the famous russian tv show Evening Urgante. A real event when we know that the group refuses all interview, photo shooting and hide their faces in their video clips.

Grebz and their mixtape House on wheels, Part.1 are knowing their success’s paroxysm this same year with the « Best russian artist » trophy during the MTV Europe Music Award.

… & End (?)

After all that, Grebz is expected at the turn. In february 2017, Kyivstoner, who was an unofficial member of the group and who was the only identifiable face of the group in the video clips, decides to leave the group. After many rumors about a second mixtape (or debut album), Grebz breaks up in december 2017 and cancels all its concert tour in Ukraine and Russia…

In 2019, the group has released its debut album, Rapper (⁠ рэппєq ) and shows to us their desire to build a new success with the same tools : work, discretion and passion.

written by Thibaut Lamadelaine aka Nomulian 5633